Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas to you all! May Gods blessings touch, heal and change each one of us for the better. At this time of the year many of us suffer from some sadness, regrets, loneliness or depression. If you know some one who needs a boost, reach out to them with a call, visit or some comfort food. I wish a spark of happiness, especially to all the couples that may be arguing and unhappy. Turn the growling into a smile? There is a World of trouble and grief out there . We can improve that immensley by improving our own little tornado of life. Being loving and forgiving with those that haven’t quite kicked us out, or maybe even have, will go a long way to fixing the World’s problems. The World is a book with seven billion pages. You have a page in that book. You make it a better page , you make it a better book!

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